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"Burl Levine has been providing proofreading, editing, and writing services to my companies since 2000. In addition to working on my various projects, he has also provided his expertise to my stable of Fortune 1000 clients. He has proofread and edited various documents such as business letters, proposals, contracts, business plans, point-of-sale materials, promotional literature, product packaging, sales and marketing collateral materials, PowerPoint presentations, and website texts. He has also created a slogan for negotiatingcoach.com, as well as tag lines for consideration by some of my clients. He is creative, competent, dependable, and cost-effective and always completes my projects on time. I highly recommend him to any individual, organization, or association requiring his professional services."
Michael E. Sloopka
President, Selling Solutions Inc. and negotiatingcoach.com
"Burl Levine is a skilled craftsman in the art of writing and has edited five of my young adult novels prior to publication. His excellent understanding of the English language has helped me prepare my work for an educational market. He has always been thorough and exacting, and his critiques have helped me grow as a writer. I highly recommend him to anyone who requires proofreading or editing services."       
Joy Goddard
"Wow! I am blown away! In your book Inklings® About Relationships, you express yourself with such creativity, humour and honesty. Your words are from the heart, and parts of them really do resonate in my soul."
Olivia Hadar
"Thank you for sharing A Queue of Haikus with me. I appreciate that you are so passionate about expressing yourself with words. You have a clever playfulness that captures the essence of the human experience."
Barbara Robinson

"Regarding Diverse Verse, I could cry and I could laugh and I could sigh with wonder. I want to compliment you on your latest book of poetry."
Susan Brown

"Groan-Up Humour is an absolute delight! Thanks so much for mailing me a dedicated copy."
Phyllis Gordon

"I just finished reading Insight Out. I think it is your best yet."
Ron Hearnden