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Burl Levine provides new and established organizations and associations with suggestions for names, slogans, and tag lines that effectively attract the attention of potential customers or clients to their brand.

He created the slogan Everything is negotiable ... except not negotiating® for negotiatingcoach.com, which offers its clients a negotiating process and methodology, as well as strategies and tactics.

Burl Levine is also an award-winning poet who has published the following five books for your reading pleasure:

INKLINGS® ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS is a poetic narrative combining calligraphy and gender-neutral language to insightfully describe various sentiments about relationships.
$8.95 + S & H 
ISBN: 0-9695194-0-0

A QUEUE OF HAIKUS includes over 175 titled haikus spanning a spectrum of topics - from nature to human nature.
$12.95 + S & H
ISBN: 978-0-9695194-1-6

DIVERSE VERSE includes 125 eclectic selections expressed with pious precision, profuse passion, and pervasive panache.
$12.95 + S & H
ISBN: 978-0-9695194-2-3

Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates and prices are in Canadian currency.


Rates begin at $200.

If you require some branding services, please contact us.

GROAN-UP HUMOUR includes a compilation of over 400 creative definitions, provocative jokes, and comedic concepts designed to amuse and challenge a mature readership by cleverly incorporating paronomastic humour.
$12.95 + S & H
ISBN: 978-0-9695194-3-0

INSIGHT OUT includes an insightful literary mosaic that should appeal to a myriad of empathetic hearts and philosophical minds.
$12.95 + S & H
ISBN: 978-0-9695194-4-7