words apart from the competition
Burl Levine founded INKLINGS® in 1989 to promote his poetry while he was an English professor at Conestoga College.
During his 25-year teaching career, he taught several courses such as Canadian literature, business communication, report writing, and academic upgrading. 
He also honed his proofreading and editing skills and has been offering these services, plus tutoring, to an ever-growing client base of individuals, organizations, and associations on a full-time basis since 1996.
A lifelong resident of Guelph, Ontario, he has been involved in creative writing since graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University. 
In 1991, he collaborated with an artist from Waterloo, Ontario, to produce his first book of poetry entitled INKLINGS® ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS, a poetic narrative combining calligraphy and gender-neutral language to insightfully describe various sentiments about relationships. 
In 1994, he received the St. James' Court Award at the Orillia International Poetry Festival.

In 2010, he published his second book of poetry entitled A QUEUE OF HAIKUS, which includes over 175 titled haikus spanning a spectrum of topics - from nature to human nature.
In 2012, he published his third book of poetry entitled DIVERSE VERSE, which includes 125 eclectic selections expressed with pious precision, profuse passion, and pervasive panache.
In 2015, he published his fourth book entitled GROAN-UP HUMOUR, which includes a compilation of over 400 creative definitions, provocative jokes, and comedic concepts designed to amuse and challenge a mature readership by cleverly incorporating paronomastic humour. 
In 2016, he published his fifth book entitled INSIGHT OUT, which includes an insightful literary mosaic that should appeal to a myriad of empathetic hearts and philosophical minds. 
He has participated in poetry readings at various venues such as the Eden Mills Literary Festival, the Festival of Coffeehouse Poets, McCrae House, The Bookshelf, and Wordfest. His works have appeared in periodicals such as The Sovereign, good times, and Tone and in literary anthologies such as On the Threshold, Words and Wonders, and Rhapsody